I found a bug.

I don’t have a bug report form right now, so you can talk to me on Twitter DM. A screenshot would be helpful.

Twitter https://twitter.com/takaooooooo7

When I tried to play, I got the message “Your PC has been protected by Windows”.

Click on the part that says “More Info” and press the “Run” button.

Can I share it?

If you don’t say something like “I made it,” you’re free to post it. No prior reporting is required.

Hashtag #ドライブクレイジー or #DriveCrazy

When I boot up on a laptop with Intel GPU, I get an error (Assertion failed! Expression: expectedDataSize == dataSize) and can’t play.

  1. find the exe file in DriveCray/Binaries/Win32
  2. open the exe file in Win32
  3. error occurs
  4. Ignore it and open the exe in Win32 again.

You may be able to do this by trying.

Can’t I play on a Mac?

I’m sorry, sir! You can’t play!